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Signature is a home cleaning service that does just about anything that involves cleaning and organizing.  Instead of listing what we do, we sit down with the customer and see what their expectations are. We provide every customer with a journal so they can list their "Wants & Needs", and the order in which they would like them completed. Along with the list we discuss what they want to spend for that day. If the list is not completed that day within their budget, we schedule the next cleaning and keep moving forward on the list.    

The goal is to give you the best quality cleaning service at the price that is right for you!  We do provide all cleaning materials and equipment to get your project done. We work by the labor hour, so if there are two team members there that day you will be charged per person, per hour.  This allows us to get in and out faster and take up less of your valuable time. We typically work at $30.00 per man hour and can give you a rough estimate of what we can do in that time.  Call us for a free consultation!

Fast & Friendly Service with a Smile!


Payments Accepted

We do accept cash, checks and all major credit cards for payment. Payment terms will be made with customer in advance.

There is a $45 fee for checks returned unpaid from your bank in addition to the unpaid balance. The unpaid balance must be paid by cash or credit card immediately upon notification.


Cancellation Policy

If you ever need to cancel or skip a cleaning day, just give us a call at least one business day before your scheduled cleaning.  If Signature Home Cleaning Services does not get a cancellation from you or cannot access your home, it may be necessary for us to charge you for up to the full price of your cleaning. 

If your scheduled cleaning falls on a holiday, we will contact you prior to your cleaning and reschedule your cleaning for a day that suits you.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not happy with any area that we have cleaned, we will return within 24 hours to re-clean that area, free of charge.

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